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During the few weeks ago. School is always my best time as i can meet my Friends
The 4 girls
Everyday...we used to play around with each the only guy in the group called "The Lepak Panda Group"

But things changed....the friends i met...ignored me and left me with the other group..
2 girls still care but 2 of them not.
1 ignored and 1 frighten to see me.

I thought the recovery was a success but bullshit..
The 3 of them run away from me and didnt speak to me.
I was Angry as noone think im exist..
I still care for the frighten 1 but she ran.
Like im a monster to her.

I have nowhere to go....
Are you Happy now to see me suffer for "Several Days of Suffering"
During my mothers birth of my bros. Im the 5 child. My little bro is last.

I got a feeling that i have their feeling.

1 brother - Funny and Lovely
2 brother - Lazy and Stubborn
3 brother - Angry but Calm
4 brother - Sad and Scared

This is my view to what i look at.

Whoever i with for a long time i will follow their path.
Brother 1,3,4

Those r the brother i have for my feeling.
But why.
Whenever i talk to or play with. I will follow.

My friends think im mental as i also learn from someone....someone not in this country..but USA
Her feeling - Mental, Insane and Unforgiveable

I dont want to tell my friends even in DA until now

The path i took will end up dead.
I got a quarrel with my friends.
I got scared by stalker
Now i got scared by my Bff
I dont even know who am i or who am i following.

Whoever see me. Will think im mental.
Im the Clown. Im the Hunter
Im the Coward. Im the Psycho
The Real Thing...The Real Life

When I was Young. I was a Very Quiet Boy.
I didn't speak to my parents until i grown up.. Just staring at the Wall been an Oblivious Person.
I got a Strange Things Happen when I was Young...Not Pretty Much to say about it.
When I grown up...
Things Changed...
My Young Face Changed..
My Personality Changed...
My Friends..gone..
1 Left
1 Run
1 "Died"
This is my Fakeself:
I will be Emo, Wearing The Hood on my Head to Cover my face. I will give a fake smile to everyone even from my friends.
I have no Clue Why....I always bring a Scissor to protect myself. When My Friends Like to bully me such as Pulling my hood or kicking my Body parts. I will give a fake smile and try to hold my anger.

This is my Realself:
I can be Emo but I can Help others. 
I quite a Hugging Person to everyone.
I have a Lady Heart.. That what my Mother told me.
I bring the Scissor not to Protect myself but Protect others too.
I can Gentle but also Can be Heart.
I Let my friend to play around with me like puppies and kittens playing around.
I can be emotional but I can control it.
I will share even they doesn't wanted to.
I can be a Guardian or an Angel
That 1 reason Why I have this name, Heaven Light

During College..Meeting news Friends
I don't feel like my Fakeself.
I feel Different.. Whenever I stare at their Smiles. My Heart Raised, is like they trying to break the bar and free me.
Didn't have that feeling before.
I still wear my Hood as I'm shy to show my face.
I met 1 Person that we both have incommon..
She quite nice but also Playful.
Also a Shy 1.
She sometimes play around with me hardly.
But I can control the feeling and give a real smile.
I always follow her. (Not trying to be a Stalker)
Not only she my Best Friend But
She quite Lonely whenever Nobody not around with her.
Becaming like a Pet.
We can't stop Talking to each other everyday.
When She not in school.
I missed her.
I didn't had someone incommon in real until now.
Best Friend I ever Had.

I met another girl but I not sure How
We became Couple.
During Skype.
I got a "Call" and Answer it.
Suddenly A giggle been heard
When I say "Hello".
I Met my Ex Friend and a Strange Girl who Giggle
We Talked to each other.
When We stopped.
My Ex Friend sent me a picture of her Sleeping like a Kitten
I smile and grin as she quite Cute.
When I got her Kik.
She start to Blushes whenever she talked.
I'm not sure if that happen.
But We have alot of Talk.
All of sudden She loved me for 1 reason
And that for Showing her Sleeping Face.

Without those 2. I will still be in my Fakeself.

When I'm gone


Godangelhero's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
My Name is HeavenLight or Heaven..
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Usually I always love to Hug someone to Bring Comfort
Also Help...
I usually Came to Help

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